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How to write the perfect interview thank you email

The subject line of your “Thank-you email after an interview is essential”. Why?

Only the subject line will be seen to the interviewer in their inbox. Make sure it's clear and informative without becoming too wordy; a solid subject line may make or break your thank you message, especially if the recipient is on a mobile device and reading from a small screen.


Three pointers for crafting attention-grabbing subject lines for letters of appreciation

The following should be considered while you write the subject line:

Avoid being subtle; there's no use in trying to fool your interviewer. They ought to be aware of the contents of your email prior to opening it.

Keep in mind that interviewers may be speaking with numerous candidates at once or may be hiring for different roles. Be sure to add enough details so that the interviewer can remember you and the reason for the interview only from the subject line and your name.

Try to avoid a rambling note. There is no universally accepted norm for the length of an email's subject line due to the wide variety of email clients, platforms, and ways of accessing inboxes (based on device, user preferences, and application). Nevertheless, the Mail app begins to trim subject lines at approximately 40 characters on an iPhone 13 Pro with text size set to Apple's intermediate level. Try to maintain brevity without sacrificing professionalism or information in your subject line.

In a thank-you note to an interviewer, what should you put in the subject line?

Use a combination of the following in the subject line of your thank-you email to increase the likelihood that your interviewer will read it:


"I appreciate it" or "Thanks."

A quick summary of the meeting. "Thank you for meeting with me today " or "Thanks for taking the time to speak to me " are two examples of simple subject lines that work well after an interview.

The job posting's title. Short and sweet, "Thank You – Business Development Manager Interview" is the perfect subject line for an email.

When you are scheduled to interview. Sending a thank-you note the same day of an interview is ideal, but it's not always possible. Just a friendly reminder to mention "this afternoon" or "thanks for chatting this morning" in the subject line if you're feeling extra prompt.

Please be informed that your first and last name should not be included in the subject line of your email. Your interviewer's inbox will already include this information.


Templates and examples of email subject lines for thank you notes after interviews.

Combining the elements, here are a couple samples and templates. Make your own unique "thank you" subject line for your next interview by using these samples.


This could be filled out, for instance, as:


I appreciate our meeting.

Your time is appreciated.

The subject line of your email reads: "Thank you for this morning's interview."

For something a little more targeted, try this template:


[I appreciate you taking the time to talk about X with me.]


To illustrate:


I appreciate it:  Recruitment Interview for the Position of Recruitment Manager at

Being a member of digital marketing team!

Much obliged: Product Development Department and my favourite nearby walking routes!

Third template for a thank-you email subject line:

If a question came to mind after your talk and you would like to express your gratitude with a query, you can use this template:


I am grateful. [Short, broad inquiry]

To illustrate:

Much appreciated for the informative interview! Require more examples of previous work?

I am grateful. Do you require anything else from me?

Additionally, I had a brief inquiry on the skills test; I'm grateful.

Additional samples of subject lines for thank you emails:

Do not consider these samples or templates. Simply cut and paste them into the subject line of your email. No one will find out.


Much appreciated.

I really enjoyed our interview.

My sincere appreciation for today's meeting.

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