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If you are an expert in your field or have a deep passion for a specific hobby or skill, we invite you to become a Guru. We are searching for individuals who are passionate about teaching and helping others learn. At the moment, we are actively seeking Subject Mater Experts, Influencers, Masters, Teachers, Coaches and Gurus in various fields to contribute to our new currently under construction education and career development portal, launching in 2024 our new Genies Careers Hub . In return for your valuable content, knowledge and expertise we offer compensation for your services. Join us and share your knowledge with our members.

Our subscriber base is diverse, consisting of recent graduates who are still deciding on their major and career path, individuals in the midst of their careers or facing layoffs, parents who are returning to the workforce after successfully transitioning into parenthood and are seeking to acquire new skills or explore different industries within their own company to achieve a better work-life balance, and many others. Gurus on our platform should possess a genuine interest in assisting others and be open to exploring opportunities to monetize their knowledge and skills. This can involve designing or providing content training solutions, sharing whitepapers, or offering expertise in various forms. We welcome individuals from all walks of life and occupations to become Gurus, whether you are a Mathematician, Criminologist with a stellar reputation and award-winning credentials, Fiction Writers eager to share your craft with fans, or Instagram Stars looking to showcase your achievements.

  • We are actively seeking experts in various industries and sectors who have a passion for teaching and a desire to provide educational services. Whether you have a skill, talent, expertise, hobby, or any other interest, we welcome you to share your knowledge with our subscribers.

  • If you are already providing training or are interested in starting a mentorship journey, you can promote yourself or your services on our digital platform.

  • Even if you are looking to supplement your income or gain experience on the side, we encourage you to join us.

  • All you need is the desire to share your enthusiasm, expertise, knowledge, and abilities to become a Guru.

  • To incentivise our Gurus to join the Genies Career Hub Platform, we offer payment for content and contributions such as whitepapers, eBooks, and online training.

  • For the first three months, we will pay 25% of the sale price for any Guru course purchased by our subscribers.

  • If you have two or three courses live on our platform after a successful three months, that percentage increases to 45%.

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