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Professional Writing Services That Makes a Difference

Career Writing Services 

Expertise that will land you the job of your dreams

Our area of expertise is assisting professionals, recent graduates, executives, and C-level suite This service is for people who want to invest in their career. We help create and develop a CV that will be relevant to your specific search, beating the applicant tracking systems (ATS), and help you to garner greater interest in your CV/personal brand and command a higher paying salary. Our CV/resume writing services are designed and refined to a 30 - 60 min  workshop to identify your personal and career motivators and drivers. Together we explore what's important to you as an individual and help you discover your own unique personal brand.


Why invest in a new CV and use a CV writing expert.


  1. Career professionals all around the world use the services of CV Writing Experts to assist them acquire higher-paying jobs.

  2. The cost is minimal in comparison to the return on investment, which includes a higher wage and career sector professionals guiding you through the challenging and complex job-hunting process.

  3. We specialise in coaching and CV writing, offering case studies, webinars, workshops, webinar guiding tools, and ATS optimisation.

  4.  By using professional CV writing services, you may increase your chances of getting in touch with recruiters by up to 70%, getting an interview by 30%, and getting hired by 40%.


CV Writing Services - How it works?

We will assign a CV writing Expert to conduct a detailed and in-depth fact-finding session (via Tel Ms Teams) This discovery workshop is not just a simple Q&A, it's our opportunity to clarify your career direction, understand your career motivators then define your value proposition, and discuss your background, work history and chat about your track record and achievements and really get to know you as a person.  This is usually a 30 - 60 min session.


CV- Revamp Services

The crucial factor in creating an outstanding CV lies in the quality of its content. Our meticulously crafted questionnaire is specifically designed to efficiently gather this supplementary information, enabling your CV to effectively promote your qualifications to prospective employers. The questionnaire gathers further information on important aspects such as career trajectory, job duties, responsibilities, accomplishments, specialised skills, feedback from clients, descriptions of previous employers, testimonials, projects, key performance indicators (KPIs), and team composition. The questionnaire offers comprehensive instructions to assist you in effectively filling out each part with the most pertinent and persuasive information. A proficient CV Writer with extensive expertise will be assigned to assist you in completing the form. Upon receiving the form, your CV Writer will address any important details and then compose your new CV on a customised basis. Your new curriculum vitae will have an impressive appearance, compelling content, and be filled with top-notch material that will effectively showcase your skills and appeal to a prospective employer.



The Professional CV

To gain a competitive edge in the job market, it is crucial to consider professional CV writing. Our team of skilled CV writers will enhance your chances of surpassing your competitors. To be considered for a job opportunity, your curriculum vitae must present a compelling and persuasive argument as to why you are the ideal candidate for the position. Consider requesting a complimentary CV review today by completing the form below or reach out to us for further details on how our CV consultants can transform your CV into an influential tool for generating interviews.  We have produced numerous CVs and our clients have achieved remarkable success. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you soon.


The Graduate CV

Customised and standardised graduate CVs 

For students and fresh graduates, career advancement is of utmost importance, especially in the UK labour market after the epidemic.  Hence, our unwavering dedication to achieving the highest standards of quality, meticulousness, and accuracy is of utmost significance.  We tailor and construct your curriculum vitae (CV) by conducting an initial consultation via Skype or Ms Teams. During this conversation, we collect crucial details and information about your professional background, academic achievements, any voluntary engagements, and extracurricular activities you have undertaken during your education.

Functional or skills-based CV

This CV focuses on your skills and achievements, rather than your work history. It is good for freshers or career changers.


Chronological CV

This CV lists your work history in reverse chronological order, with your most recent job first. It is good for showing your career progression and achievements.


Combination CV

This CV combines both functional and chronological elements, highlighting your skills and work history. It is good for showcasing your relevant experience and qualifications.


Creative CV

This CV uses a unique design or format to showcase your personality and creativity. It is good for applying to creative or innovative roles.


Academic CV

This CV emphasises your academic achievements, publications, research, and teaching experience. It is good for applying to academic or research positions.

Cover Letters

Cover letters are an essential complementary document to accompany your CV for a job application, and it requires tailoring to a specific job description.  One of CV Writing Experts will create a generic / basic cover letter for you through this service. We will also send you example cover letters and guidance on how to create the perfect cover letter when you pay for this service.

LinkedIn Optimisation 

LinkedIn now has 930 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide. Create economic opportunity for every member of the global workforce. The mission of LinkedIn is simple: connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful. LinkedIn is a remarkable networking platform which helps you showcase your personal career brand to all its members and anyone who wishes to search you up on LinkedIn to learn more about you as a professional.   You can use LinkedIn to grow your network and connect with new likeminded career individuals, follow unique industry leading influencers, or reconnect with college, work, or university alumni.  You can also use LinkedIn as a job board and set up job alerts and apply for job roles online.   Investing a small amount of money in having your profile professionally written will give you the competitive edge against other candidates.

Our CV writing and LinkedIn writing experts can carefully create and curate a powerful profile that will maximise your visibility, showcase your talents and improve your job search success and we will help you optimise your profile using methodologies to make sure you are getting the most exposure.


Why invest in a LinkedIn profile writing service?

All job seekers need to have a LinkedIn profile because most recruiters now use the LinkedIn Recruiter licence to locate talent directly on the site. In the current employment market, having a unique, properly optimised profile is essential.  You will either not be found or, if you are, the reader will go on to the next profile if your CV and LinkedIn profile are not optimised on the LinkedIn Platform to outperform the LinkedIn algorithm. And it's not just for job seekers, LinkedIn provides a unique platform to raise your professional and industry profile (your personal brand). It's also where executives can build their thought leader status.

Our Approach – How it works.

For our LinkedIn service, you must schedule a two-hour fact-finding discovery meeting with one of our CV and LinkedIn writing experts. During this meeting, you will talk about your academic and professional experiences, as well as your goals for LinkedIn, personal brand, value proposition, accomplishments, and critical strengths.  After talking over your primary areas of strength and expertise, we compile the information from our workshop and after-service writing and editing session into a Word document that you can post on LinkedIn.  If necessary, we will then arrange a workshop session to help you with the uploading procedure.

• Our goal is to design a strong LinkedIn profile that draws attention from recruiters and enhances your resume.

• Following a thorough examination of your LinkedIn profile, we will create your profile (from scratch) if necessary.

• Your LinkedIn profile will be turned into an effective and persuasive business case by us.


Insert a banner!

Include a LinkedIn Banner we will create a polished banner for you to attach to the header of your LinkedIn profile page. We overlay your name, title, and additional information over a high-resolution image that is relevant to your industry. The banner is precisely trimmed to the dimensions specified by LinkedIn and is suited for both desktop and mobile devices.


Add a photo to stand out.

  1. Add a LinkedIn Photo

  2. Use buzz words.

  3. We will help you create buzz words and skills to help you stand out from the crowd.

Career Genies offers CV writing packages that have been proven to be successful. 


Achieve unparalleled success with Career Genies Professional Writing Packages.


Are your peers and fellow students at the university surpassing you in the application process?

Do you frequently experience rejection or receive no feedback whatsoever?


Our career consultants provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire process, from initial consultation to delivering a customised and impactful document. They serve as knowledgeable experts who will assist you as your career advances. They will continue to serve as your primary contact for any future additions. In the UK, it is highly unlikely that you will come across a graduate CV writing staff that is more skilled, compassionate, or knowledgeable.  We possess expertise in creating modern resumes for individuals at all stages of their careers, ranging from recent graduates and entry-level roles to specialised professionals, managers, executives, and CEOs. Our services cater to a wide range of industry sectors.


Get in Touch

Free CV & Cover Letter Templates 

Please find some free CV templates and a cover letter template to help you create a stand out CV.  If you need help curating an ATS, well written version do not hesitate to drop the team an email and get in touch. Why not book a complementary CV review or free half hour coaching session and let us help you target the job of your dreams.

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