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What Clients Are Saying

Male Portrait

Genius career Genie ! So - I retired after nearly 35 years service - was introduced to Orlaigh by Ceri  from the resleaps programme - like most cops I don’t like talking about what I’ve achieved - or the broad span of really tough things o have been through with the fantastic teams of police officers and police staff over many years as a senior leader. As much as I railed against it - I was part of an institution - some great pets and some not so. How do I start the journey into the next phase of my life ? Well Orlaigh has an infectious laugh and Joie de Vivre - interviewed me on line - let me talk and asked brilliant questions without me realising ! Talked through options for me and gave me some real confidence to realise I had a great skill set - outside of policing - the key then was the follow up - Orlaigh put all of my ramblings into a professional CV and even tailored it for 2 further specialist roles - retired 10 days and am now in a new role - working for myself but contracted to a fantastic team giving expert advice worldwide. If you want to get on in life after policing - speak to Orlaigh and the career genies - there are lots of others out there who promise lots- Orlaigh really convinced me of my own abilities and have me such a boost I will never look back - Thankyou and I hope you help many others the way you helped me

Dave Mc

Attractive Young Woman

Orlaigh worked very closely with me during my career transition, going above and beyond. Orlaigh is approachable, professional, and skilful with ample knowledge and experience in how to elevate and present your CV to a professional and high-quality standard. I found Orlaigh's coaching to be extraordinarily insightful as she combined providing practical support while also making the most of your strengths and coaches on how to utilise these abilities during career transition and beyond.
I can't recommend Orlaigh's services enough!! She is an outstanding career and employment coach.


Elegant Female

Orlaigh helped with a Personal Statement that I required to complete a job application for the Probation Service, I don't believe I would have got the interview had it not been for Orlaigh's carefully considered Professional Statement.  She listened to me during our discussion call and asked extremely thought provoking and insightful questions and really got what I am about as a person and what I would like to do in my career.  I can honestly say I would not be enjoing my new role without Orlaigh's truely unique and professional coaching service.


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