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Uncertain about the reasons behind your CV's lack of success?

It's possible to make a quick adjustment by modifying the initial sentences. Especially if you're unfamiliar with crafting a personal statement. The opening statement on your CV carries significant weight, as it is typically the first impression a hiring manager forms about your candidature and suitability.  

A poorly crafted statement could potentially deter a recruiter from thoroughly reviewing your CV.  

Be direct and concise

A strong personal statement is not only informative, but also gets straight to the point. For optimal impact, aim to keep your text within the range of 100 to 200 words. Please note that personal statements for university may require a longer length.

It is important to address the essential criteria

1.      Who is your identity?

2.      What unique contributions can you offer for this position?

3.      What are you aiming to achieve in your professional journey?

4.      By following these guidelines, you can effectively structure your statement and maintain a clear focus.

Provide added value

Strive to be precise. Providing concrete numbers to quantify achievements, such as "increased revenue by a specific amount.  This can have a much stronger impact than simply alluding to your success. By adding value to your statement,

you can greatly enhance your credibility. Avoid using overused phrases – Similar to the rest of your application, adding a personal touch can greatly enhance its overall quality. Standing out from the crowd can be challenging if you rely on the tired clichés found in most CVs that hiring managers come across every day (yes, we're talking about you, 'A great team player').  Don’t worry I am guilty of some of these statements over the years in my CV myself.

Refer to the job description.

Effectively conveying your skills is crucial when crafting your personal statement to demonstrate your suitability for the position. Having trouble coming up with the perfect words? Interestingly, most of the information you need has already been provided to you  in the job description. When you use it correctly, you immediately become a more attractive and suitable candidate.

Additional activities to consider: Incorporate a selection of the following terms – effectively, cultivated, established, demonstrated, seasoned, achieving outcomes. Which words are most effective to include on my CV?

Key Skills Employers Seek in a CV Try to avoid being overly generic, taking the time to customise your statement for each position may require some extra effort, but it will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your CV. This investment of time will prove to be worthwhile in the long run.

Take some time to prioritise yourself. 

Many individuals find themselves drawn to highlighting their personal qualities and aspirations for their professional journey, however, the most effective personal statements highlight the unique skills and contributions you can bring to the company, setting you apart from other candidates.  Mix it up with your cover letter, your personal statement serves as a brief introduction. Maintain the current state. It's important to include concise summaries of your achievements, such as being a Financial Analyst with eight years of experience. Utilise your cover letter and employment history to expand upon your accomplishments and captivate their interest with your personal statement. It's important to avoid confusion between the two.

Consider it as a checklist.

I have ample experience.' I have the necessary qualifications. I excel at effectively conveying information. I prefer to write every sentence in this manner.  Feel free to expand beyond listing all your past experiences and personal qualities, while also avoiding the repetitive use of 'I' at the beginning of every sentence. The recruiter is aware of the subject of your CV. Remember to read it aloud, Give it a read. Please take another look at it. Encourage your loved ones to give it a read. And, above all, remember to read it aloud and ensure that it has a smooth flow (and no spelling or grammar errors). You not only desire to make a strong impression on the employer with your accomplishments, but you also aim for your document to be skilfully crafted and curated to represent you in the best possible light. Ensuring a smooth flow is crucial during the process and so you ultimately stand out against other candidates applying for the same role, ensuring an interview request.

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