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How to effectively research for a new career for 2024

Factors to contemplate prior to commencing the employment search.

Job searching can appear to be an arduous undertaking, particularly when a person doesn't know quite were to start. This guide aims to elucidate several factors that warrant contemplation prior to embarking on those tentative initial steps. The experience of job hunting can be an extremely exciting opportunity to learn more about yourself and uncover your next career move.

Have a distinct understanding of your intended objectives.

Prior to commencing the employment search, allocate some time to reflect on the nature of the position you are seeking. If you are retiring, contemplating a career transition, deciding between a full-time and part-time position, or both. Invest the time required to investigate various job titles and roles of interest within your desired profession in order to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your future aspirations. Having a list of desired job titles, industries, and salary expectations on hand will facilitate the process of refining your job search.

Determine the essential requirements for a given role.

You must have a distinct understanding of your priorities. Which qualities are an absolute necessity in a new job? Which matters are beyond compromise? This is a crucial aspect to consider prior to commencing the search for new positions. It is incredibly simple to become sidetracked and register for jobs that are not a good fit if you lack clarity regarding your priorities. By identifying your essential qualifications, you can direct your job search and submit applications solely for positions that align with those criteria. A competitive salary, annual leave entitlement, company benefits, a satisfactory work-life balance, flexible working hours, the option to work remotely, and so forth, could all be considered essentials. Compile an inventory of your essentials based on your personal priorities. Eventually, this will help you save a tremendous amount of time and energy! Although the majority of people are terrible procrastinators, if you want to make a career transition, you will need to establish goals and deadlines for achieving them.

This could involve establishing a six-month deadline to secure alternative employment or a three-month deadline to commence freelance work. Then, divide this into duties that can be completed weekly or monthly in order to reach your objective.

Illustrative targets could include conducting weekly research on new companies, submitting five job applications, attending one networking event per month, or producing one fresh article for one's blog each week. Along the journey, remember to celebrate your accomplishments. While it is tempting to dwell on the distance that remains, it is critical to recognise and commemorate each incremental progress that brings one closer to their desired destination.

Developing a CV/ resume and cover letter

Although it is advisable to customise a cover letter for each position it is applied for, it is possible to create a template that is designed for the ideal job and subsequently modify it with individual details prior to submitting applications. An equivalent principle can be applied to your (CV) curriculum vitae/ resume. If you have a clear understanding of the job positions for which you wish to apply, you can prepare your curriculum vitae accordingly, emphasising pertinent experience and credentials.

Leverage the resources of online employment boards

Utilise online job platforms as a starting point for your search. Utilise search tools and parameters to restrict your job search to positions that precisely match your qualifications. Utilising the keyword "administrative assistant" and applying proximity-based filters to positions within 15 miles would be one example of how to conduct a search. When regularly perusing employment boards, sorting listings in order to display the most recent postings is a useful practice. By prioritising recently posted roles, you can avoid the risk of submitting duplicate applications to listings that you have already encountered.

Research potential employers

Although the process may appear to revolve around self-promotion, your objective should be to identify employers who are compatible with your professional aspirations and objectives. Upon discovering job listings that pique your interest, be certain to conduct research on the companies to determine whether their mission and corporate culture are congruent with your own. Additionally, this is an excellent occasion to conduct research on each company in preparation for thought-provoking interview questions.

Communicate with Employment Agencies

The use of recruitment agencies to aid in an active search is beneficial. Since agencies remunerate for the successful placement of candidates, it is advantageous for them to initiate contact with you regarding positions for which you are qualified. Establishing connections with contacts at local or specialised recruitment agencies should be a priority. If you specify the roles in which you are interested, they will be in a position to contact you when appropriate opportunities present themselves.

Business Networking

Register for the email lists of industry-specific organisations in order to receive information regarding forthcoming events. In lieu of attending an in-person event, one can engage in numerous virtual connections with colleagues in the same industry. Utilise additional networking organisations, membership organisations, and alliances. Additionally, LinkedIn can be used to maintain relationships with contacts. Don't forget to organise that catch up! It could mean new career opportunities.

Social Networks

Particularly if you are in the process of seeking a new job or volunteer position, it is critical that you monitor your social media activity, as potential employers can view your posts simply by conducting a Google search using your name. It is imperative that you manage your privacy settings appropriately by setting them to private and exercising control over the content you share, as doing so could potentially impede your employment prospects. Delete any old posts that could potentially harm your profile, ensuring that you exclusively present the most favourable version of yourself to prospective employers at all times.

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