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Unleash Your Enterprising Spirit: Embrace Self Employment in the UK in 2024


This book focuses on what you should know to prepare yourself if you are considering going self-employed for 2024.  I made the tough decision myself to become self-employed and start The Career Genies Group, a career couching company, back in 2021. I consulted a number of books and online resources but honestly wish I could have found an informative book containing everything in one place which would have helped me get ahead of the game much quicker.  The book cover everything from setting up the type of business that is best for your needs and goes into how to create a business plan.  Finance and Tax implications for the business you decide to set up. Down to popular self employed job titles to consider for the year ahead suited to your skill set experience or life style choices on work life balance or if you are considering coming back to employment, what kind of roles may work for you.  This book is one in a series of books focusing on career development.  

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